8 augustus 2022

Listen HERE.

The Berlin based DJ/producer duo Vermeer merges experimental sound design and cinematic- music like atmosphere on fast techno grooves. Especially influenced by futuristic scores à la Sci- Fi-Noir their detail oriented sets definitely result in sounds one rarely experiences on dancefloors.
Their unconventional approach however does not make the DJ sets any less danceable as they put special emphasis on only selecting driving peak-time techno and mixing it with a large yet- to-be-released selection of their own.
For years they have been involved in the Berlin underground party collective “Selected Berlin” that also turned into a label last year and already hosts releases from some of the scenes most promising names such as Chlär, Swart, DIMI or The Chronics. Hosting and playing at parties among many prominent acts for years, Vermeer is deeply ingrained in Berlins underground techno-scene.
After years of shaping their very own signature sound, Vermeer now has a tight schedule of releases which are about to be dropped in 2022. Their first EP “Tokyo In” already got support by well established names such as Slam and Patrick Mason.