26 juli 2022
Premiere: CLTX – Groovy Storm [STRICTEDC002]


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Artist: CLTX
Title: Groovy Storm
Label: Deestricted
Catalogue: STRICTEDC002
Format: Digital
Genre: Techno / Trance
Style: #Techno
Release date: July 29th

Achat – Katharsis [6:12]
Caŷve – Drumline [5:42]
CLTX – Groovy Storm [5:48]
Constantinos – String’s Revenge [5:49]
DSB96 – Voices [4:49]
Dj Warzone – Species [8:01]
EXIX – Schekerium [5:45]
Gael + Jolly – Nothing To Say [6:24]
INSECT – Inbreeding [5:53]
KamavoSian – Volition Of Evermore [6:51]
Laren – Born As Rebels [5:03]
𝑴ESSIAHWAITS – Be Above Your Body [5:04]
Maharti – A Slimsize Acid Drop [5:50]
PULSES – Glide [6:27]
Roni Rix – Thorax [5:49]
Samantha Togni – Pearls For Pigs [6:21]
SAS – Lesson In Vengeance [6:24]
Vendex – Archangel [5:45]
Vera Grace – Pick Your Poison [5:37]
vp allowed – Speed Of Light In Vacuum [8:20]

The Dreamer Is Aware Of Dreaming is the first episode of a series of four which explores the boundaries of sleep; the first one is about the phenomenon of lucid dreaming.

Sleep is a physiological necessity, a periodic phenomenon of rest of the psychophysical functions, characterized by the suspension of the state of consciousness and will, during which the organism recovers energy, eliminates toxins and strengthens cognitive functions.

A lucid dream is a type of dream in which «The Dreamer Is Aware Of Dreaming». During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain the ability to move within it, exploring and taking control over the dream characters, narrative or environment. Although, when you are lucid dreaming, you are in a fake reality.

The compilation features 20 tracks from a fresh generation of electronic music artists blending different styles to create a unique vision that finds its climax in the dream.

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